Bank of Latvia issues collector coin dedicated to Rainis and Aspazija

Foto: Vitālijs Vinogradovs

Photo: Vitālijs Vinogradovs

On Tuesday, 8 September, Bank of Latvia (Latvijas Banka) is issuing a new 5 euro silver collector coin Rainis and Aspazija. This coin celebrates the 150th anniversary of Rainis and Aspazija, two brilliant minds of Latvia. It is a unique coin due to its specific form and minting technique.

The graphic design of the coin has been created by Arta Ozola-Jaunarāja, and Ligita Franckeviča is the author of the plaster model. The coin has been struck by “UAB Lietuvos monetų kalykla” (Lithuania).

The coin is made of two detachable parts, of which one features Rainis and the other bears the image of Aspazija adorned with red flowers, a visualisation of her most popular collection of verse. The reverse of the coin shows lines of poetry, which Rainis and Aspazija dedicated to each other.


The left side of the obverse features the facsimile of a poem by Rainis and his signature; the right side of it bears the facsimile of a poem by Aspazija and her signature. The inscription “5 euro” is placed at the top right, and the inscription LATVIJA (Latvia), with the year 2015 beneath it, is situated at the bottom left.


Adorned with red flowers, the upside-down image of sitting Aspazija is featured on the left side of the reverse. The image of sitting Rainis appears on the right. The top central part of the reverse features the facsimile of Rainis’ signature, and the signature of Aspazija is at the bottom centre.

Its maximum mintage is limited to 7 000 coins. The price of the coin at Latvijas Banka’s Cashier’s Offices is 59 euro.

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