Letters of Rainis and Aspazija in the Form of Dance. Performance ‘One and Two’

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On October 29, at 19-00 and 21-00, the audience is invited to in Eduards Smiļģis Museum of Theatre to see performance of choreographer Olga Žitluhina and contemporary dance company ‘Outside’ or ĀRĀ, defined as poetic dance tragedy and titled ‘One and Two’, inspired by the love letters exchanged between poets Rainis and Aspazija, the creators of production informed.

Performance ‘One and Two’ induces questions about explosive nature of love, its potential to draw people together and create profound loneliness at the same time. This work successfully represented Latvia in one of the events of Latvia’s EU presidency in the Helsinki New concert hall and is scheduled to go touring around three towns in Latvia this autumn.

Contemporary dance piece, under-titled ‘Love Letters of Rainis and Aspazija – professor Gunārs Bībers meets choreographers’ grew out of a resource of multiform cultural historic materials.

First, the creative impetus came from epistolary exchange between poets recognized as unique by UNESCO program ‘World Memory’ and included in the Latvia’s National register; and, second, inspiration of performance was also professor Gunārs Bībers – veteran literary scholar and lecturer in Latvian Academy of Culture who holds honorary doctoral degree and is revered and legendary Latvian cultural figure in general, whose expansive field of scientific interests, naturally, includes both greatest national classical poets.

The authors of performance are Olga Žitluhina and group of choreographers, music was composed by Juris Kaukulis and Kaspars Tobis from Dzelzs Vilks, lighting artist is Oskars Pauliņš, script – J. Siliņš.

Dancers of contemporary dance company ‘Outside’: Anna Novikova, Agate Bankava, Eva Kronberga, Jānis Putniņš, Ivars Broničs, Rūdolfs Gediņš.

Co-authors: dance dramatist Inta Balode and dancers Ilze Zīriņa, Ramona Galkina, Dmitrijs Gaitjukevičs, Andris Kačanovskis, and Valērijs Oļehno (known also as authors of ‘The Bicycle’ created in 2007).

Performance ‘One and Two’ was premiered on October 4, 2014, in the students’ creativity festival ‘Patriarch’s Autumn,’ which featured in the program of Riga – European capital of culture 2014.

Tickets for performance can be acquired in “Biļešu paradīze” box-offices or addressing directly: “ara.kontakti@gmail.com”.

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