Meet Anna Maria Jopek in Poland – #mindpower

Anna Maria Jopek is a classically trained Polish pianist and singer who has chosen jazz over Mozart. With 14 albums of her own, Anna Maria Jopek has performed and recorded with the best Polish musicians, as well as internationally renowned jazz stars, such as Joe Lovano, Bobby McFerrin and Chris Botti. Although she often plays open-air gigs for thousands of fans, Anna prefers an intimate setting. Anna performs about 100 concerts each year from Toronto and Los Angeles to Vienna, London and Berlin.

In the 13th episode of #mindpower, Anna Maria Jopek and Latvian journalist Eva Ikstena-Strapcāne, who impersonates the poetess Aspazija, interpret the poem “The Time of Heroes” by Rainis. This poem is included in “The Sowing of the Storm” poetry collection published in 1905. It was written before Rainis’ exile as a bright poetic testimony to the events and sensations of the revolutionary 1905.

In this episode, Anna Maria Jopek is accompanied by the guitar player Robert Kubiszyn.

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