Meet François Valentiny in Luxembourg – #mindpower

In the 10th episode of #mindpower, François Valentiny interprets the poem “Creative Spirit” by Aspazija, which is included in the poetry collection “The Wings Spread Wide”. The episode is based on the idea of creativity, the power of gifted people and the links between art and reality.

François Valentiny was born in 1953 in Remerschen, Luxembourg. Between 1975 and 1980 he studied architecture at the Ecole d’Architecture de Nancy and the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Then he formed a partnership with Hubert Hermann, founding the architects’ office Hermann&Valentiny in Luxembourg and Vienna. In 2002, he founded and published the first Luxembourg architecture magazine Adato. He has been awarded the Gold Medal of Honor for Services to the Republic of Austria and has received the Luxembourg Architecture Prize in 2007. He has engineered public buildings such as concert halls and museums, as well as housing and administrative buildings, restaurants, kindergartens and parks in Austria, Luxembourg and Germany, as well as in Azerbaijan, Brazil and China.

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