Meet Michael Metz Mørch in Denmark – #mindpower

In the 11th episode of the #mindpower project, the Director of the Danish Cultural Institute, Michael Metz Mørch, reads an excerpt from Aspazija’s poem “Creative Spirit” from the poetry collection “The Wings Spread Wide” (1920). The Latvian musician Goran Gora, for his part, plays the poet Rainis and reads his poem “New Era” from the collection “The Sowing of the Storm” (1905).

Michael Metz Mørch was born in 1947. He studied political science at the Aarhus University and later had a wide ranging career in government and business. For about 20 years he served in the diplomatic corps – he was the Danish Ambassador in Riga and Warsaw, as well as the Consul General in New York. In Latvia, he has received the Order of the Three Stars. From 2005 to 2011, he was the Chair of the Bikuben Foundation (a private foundation supporting social initiatives, cultural events, educational and ecological projects in order to promote insight and vision in society).