Meet Per Morberg in Sweden – #mindpower

The video features the charismatic Per-Arne Henrik Morberg from Sweden who has gone through a long process of personal and professional development to become the person he is today.

In his earlier days, he received a black belt in judo. Later, he worked as a professional chef. But in the 1980s he got into dramatics. Per is well known for his role in a Swedish crime dramas. Now he is one of Sweden’s most popular cooking celebrities. Per is also a wine maker and the host of various TV shows.

In this #mindpower short film he calls out to Aspazija (played by Eva Ikstena-Strapcāne) across the Baltic Sea with lines from Rainis’ poem “The Voice and the Echo” which was published in his famous poetry collection “The End and the Beginning” in 1912.

This collection possesses composition and range that had no precedent in Latvian literature. It is an attempt to demonstrate how the world moves and changes into words. The collection reveals the development of a complete personality.

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