Meet Rainis and Aspazija #mindpower

The multimedia project #mindpower introduces Europe to the Latvian writers Rainis and Aspazija. It will bring their ideas to all 28 Member States of the European Union. In each country, a well-known person will express them in her native language and clothe them in the images of her culture.

Join the #mindpower, watch a new short film every week and travel through Europe for half a year!

They wrote plays and poems, worked as journalists, and translated world classics – Goethe, Ibsen, Shakespeare and Pushkin. He got involved in politics and became the minister for education. She fought for women’s rights and didn’t shy away from speaking about the inconsistent human nature.

They have written thousands of letters to each other. Their mutual correspondence is included in the Latvian National Register of UNESCO’s Memory of the World Programme as an important legacy of European culture. She kept his letters in a wall clock called Saulgriezīte (Sunflower). It became a witness to their thoughts and emotions.

Today, their ideas seem courageous, modern and powerful. In 2015, we will celebrate their 150th anniversary. It is Rainis and Aspazija we’re talking about.

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