Meet Ullar Saaremae in Estonia – #mindpower

Üllar Saaremäe is an Estonian actor, director, the current Artistic Leader of Rakvere Theatre and punk band singer. He is also the author of the concept and the producer of Estonian Punk Song Festival. Since 2008 it has become a regular event and brought together a large international audience. For organising Estonian Punk Song Festival he received the Estonian Volunteer of the Year national award in 2008.

In this short film Üllar Saaremäe and Rainis (played by Jānis Holšteins-Upmanis) interpret Rainis’ poem “A Living Life” from the poetry collection “The End and the Beginning” (1912). This poem depicts the theme of self-development and constant change. Rainis uses the Latin expression ‘En ago venko nia’ (In action is our victory) as the subtitle of the poem.

Rainis was a restless person – always in motion physically and spiritually. Famous are the film shots with him doing gymnastics. Üllar Saaremäe is just as powerful – he can set in motion the whole nation with theatre, movies and punk song festival. This short film encourages every spectator to a physical and spiritual growth.

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