#mindpower – meet Wafa al Kenany in the Netherlands

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In the 19th episode of the #mindpower project Wafa al Kenany reads an excerpt from the article “The Question of Virtue in the Play Lost Rights” written by Aspazija. The play (published in 1894) depicts a woman who perishes because of the double-tongued morals of the society. Aspazija was the first author who dared to speak openly about the state of women in the society, about their potential in shaping the history and their rights to live according to their feelings.

Wafa al Kenany is an Iraqi-born lawyer and a women’s rights activist who has been living in the Netherlands for more than 20 years. Inspired by her brother, she started karate training during her teens and became the champion of Iraq for several times. Because of her political activity that was directed against the ruling regime she had to leave her homeland in 1993. In the Netherlands, Wafa actively advocates for human rights and women’s rights, and continues to practice karate.