Multimedia concert „Endures One Who Transforms”

Foto: Mārtiņš Otto, Rīga 2014. Pūtēju orķestris "Rīga"

Photo: Martins Otto, Rīga 2014

The Great Guild, Concert Hall, Amatu street 6, Old Riga, at 5. september, 20.00. Free entrance.

Multimedia concert “Endures One Who Transforms” is organized by the orchestra “Riga”, conductor – Jānis Retenais, stage director – Varis Piņķis. Assisted by DJ Monsta (Uldis Cīrulis), poetry recordings of Rainis and Aspazija read by actress Gunta Zariņa and actor Ivars Puga .

Multimedia concert „Endures One Who Transforms” is dedicated to creations of Rainis and Aspazija, bearers of classic values and culture light. This artwork combines symphonic band music, poetry readings in specially produced phonograms and electroacoustic music.

Listen to first performance of five new, original pieces composed specially for this concert and performed by the Symphonic Band „Riga”. Santa Bušs has drawn inspiration from creations of Aspazija to compose an interactive poem for symphonic band using theme from the poem „Domas, manas domas” (Thoughts, My Thoughts). Meanwhile, Linda Leimane sees her composition „Art Deco” as a way to use the unique characteristics of a symphonic band – it offers new timbral and compositional solutions to effectively implement the idea. Timbral nuances of individual wind instruments combined with percussion, bass guitar and electronics extend the music to allow an unusual musical contemplation on Aspazija’s poetic world.

Composer Jēkabs Nīmanis used Rainis’ creativity as a foundation for composition “Nākotnes cilvēki” (People of the Future). The concert will also see first performance of composition “Leaves upon the Wind” by Jachin Pousson and composition “Tāda es esmu” (The Way I Am) by Platons Buravickis. The new compositions in concert will be accompanied by three classic choir songs adapted for symphonic band and electronics. An orchestra version of “Lauztās priedes” (Broken Pines) by Emīls Dārziņš is adapted by composer Laura Gustovska, a choir song with Aspazija’s poetry “Mēness starus stīgo” (Playing on the strings of moonbeams) is given a new modern electroacoustic version by Ieva Klingenberga. A cover version for “Karaļmeita” (Princess) is composed by Armands Aleksandravičus.

Project supported by: Riga City Council and State Culture Capital Foundation.

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