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May 18th, 2019

During the annual Museum Night, as is customary, there will be free guided tours available, as well as the documentary film on the poet’s life “Aspazija and Rainis. The Roll of Time”. Museum will be open from 19.30 until 24.00.

This time in the museum event space there will be the option to watch poetry videos about the subject “Anxiety”, which have been selected by the poets working in the Association of Memorial Museums – Kaspars Zalāns, Elvīra Bloma and Raimonds Ķirķis.

Each of them has created a 30 minute long compilation, each with an introductory section. The videos themselves will be in English, but translations in Latvian will be available in printed form.

The plan of the Museum night:

19.30–23.00 Guided tours in Rainis and Aspazija’s memorial flat

19.30–24.00 Screenings of the film “Aspazija and Rainis. The Roll of Time”

20.30–23.30 Screenings of poetry videos.

The Screenings:

  1. Anxiety?

19.30 and 22.30

Raimonds Ķirķis: “When a train drives through a cinema screen, the audience feels anxiety. An Arabic script without context can create anxiety. School years are endless anxiety. When anxiety can be found in almost every expression, when it becomes part of living, life becomes considerably less anxious.”

Raimonds Ķirķis is a poet, translator, poetry critic who is currently responsible for the digitalisation of the Museum of Literature and Music’s collection at The Rainis and Aspazija Museum. His works have been published in Punctummagazine, Satori and elsewhere. He studies at the Latvian Academy of Culture and leads the literary show “Bron-hīts” (“Bronchitis”) at Radio Naba.

  1. Communication anxiety

20.00 and 23.00

To illustrate this theme, Kaspars Zalāns has chosen a poetic performance by Jackson Mac Low on the absurdity of phone conversations, Frank O’ Hara’s poem on the anxiety of urban communication and first impression’s, Ginsberg’s ever resonant “Howl” for all the outcasts and misunderstood, Ted Hughes representation of the breakdown in the communication between poet and his being, as well as a reading by Jim Morrison about the impossibility of communication between men and a higher power.

Kaspars Zalāns is a poet, the PR specialist of the Association of Memorial Museums, his works have been published in Satori, Domuzīme, konTEKSTS, Kultūrzīmes and elsewhere.

He has studied journalism at Glasgow, worked at the Scottish television, as well as written music reviews.

Currently researches the expressions of masculinity in contemporary male poetry for his masters.

  1. Private anxiety

21.30 and 22.30

Elvīra Bloma has dedicated her section to private anxiety, which is almost impossible to share, because shared it does not lessen. It is anxiety which is connected to each person’s “imprisonment” in their own body, time and space where one has not chosen to be born in and has to thus constantly adapt to.

Elvira’s focus is not as much on specific poets as it is on the movement of poetry videos, which became popular in Europe and the US in the 2000’s, the synergy of poetry and video: art forms that support each other, not limit.

Elvīra Bloma is a poet, a specialist at The Rainis and Aspazija House, her works have been published at Punctummagazine, Satori, Latvju Teksti and elsewhere, she also translates poetry from English, she has compiled the poetry collections “Aspazija. Rainis. Reloaded” and “Monta Kroma. Re:”.


Foto and video materials might be taken and will be used further on the internet and for other publicity purposes.

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